Thank you so much for showing me so many marvellous things..…Sir David Attenborough

He (Werner Forman) is still the best…Dorothea Arnold, Lila Acheson Chairman, Egyptian Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

I was googling images to use in some of my in-class powerpoint-based lectures and found your archive. In this case I was looking for Predynastic Egyptian images. Yours are beautiful.... Michael Sugerman, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts. USA

I was sure you would have the perfect thing in your fabulous archive....…Nancy Hall, NHI Books

There have been many series of books about antiquity; none portray with such penetration and visual beauty the traditions, spiritual beliefs and artistic achievements of the great civilizations of the past.... Sir David Wilson, Director of the British Museum, 1977 - 1992, from a review of the 15 volume series "Echoes of the Ancient World" of which Werner Forman was a co-author and sole photographer.

Werner Forman was and remains my great photographic hero….Roberta Entwistle, Entwistle Gallery, London & Paris.

What an enormous task is this documentation of Werner Forman's photographs. It has become a really important document of the world's cultures… Herman van der Made, Collector, the Netherlands.

Specialised, knowledgeable and with many rare images, the Werner Forman Archive is an invaluable contributor to the making of high quality, illustrated, information books and represents all that is best in British Picture Libraries. Throughout Toucan Books long association with WFA, we have sourced images of quality and beauty, and will continue to do so with access to the excellent website………………Christine Vincent, Toucan Books, UK

It is the triumph of Werner Forman to have expressed this sense of change and continuity so perfectly in his photographs. Few artists, perhaps, could have shown such feeling and such precision over so varied a range of themes. Whether his pictures portray a radar station in the sands, prehistoric grave-goods, a traditional silver necklace, or shipwrights building a dhow, he displays a rare ability to convey the essence of his subject. We see through his eyes that the colours of the sunset reflected in the glass of a tower block can be as fascinating as the colours in the desert sands: the lights on a desert highway at night as beautiful as a string of pearls. He skilfully avoids the trap of sentimentalism, while presenting us with images which are vivacious and alive. The achievements of the present, like the glories of the past, are imparted with subtle grace rather than dogmatic insistence. The picture of little girl in her classroom – totally absorbed in her drawing – for instance, says far more for the success of the education system than any official snap of pupils sitting rigidly at desks in military style. Werner Forman’s photographs provide a comprehensive view of the United Arab Emirates from the earliest times to the present, balancing the traditional and the contemporary with consistent excellence. These images represent not only a fitting tribute to this nation’s first twenty-five years by one of our foremost photographers, but also stand alone as the great attainment of a man with a tireless interest in the beauty of the world.... Michael Asher, historian, desert explorer and author of "Phoenix Rising: United Arab Emirates Past, Present and Future".

I love your website... Such clear, beautitul photographs of priceless historical treasures. I could spend a day just looking at them!........Leena Pekkalainen, Artist, Finland http://ancient-egyptian-art.blogspot.com/ 

Working with the Werner Forman Archive is quick, uncomplicated and efficient. I wish all photo archvies would work like this..... Anna Zielinski, Syomore Ancient Art, Switzerland

I have been studying images of ancient Egypt for well over 20 years and Werner Forman's well lit portrait of Queen Tiye is by far the best image of her I have ever seen. In this photograph the Queen engages the viewer and quite literally comes to life through mist of time....Anthony Whitaker, Author, New York

A great Norse collection . . . Luped Research, UK

The Werner Forman Archive is a real treasure box. I was thrilled to see such good quality and amazing shots of this Maori meeting house . . . Kesaia Waigth, NZ

Thank you for the wonderful resource . . .Acorn Appraisals & Consulting, USA

The Werner Forman website is a joy . . . Woodmansterne, UK

There are some beautiful images here! . . . Anness Publishing, UK

We really like Werner Forman’s photographs . . . K12 Inc., USA

I was searching for photos of coffin texts, but I have "Hieroglyphs and the Afterlife" and the pictures are fabulous…. Jennifer Hellum, University of Auckland, New Zealand

There are some beautiful images here! It so good to have them arranged spread by spread. Thank you very much…………….Anness Publishing, UK

Thanks so much for the quality of images you've been able to provide us with…….White-Thomson Publishing, UK

The photo looks terrific. It has been a pleasure working with the Werner Forman Archive ……..Wheaton Education, USA

Well done – works perfectly. Nice site, easy to use…Kevin Tildsley, author, UK

Now that I have logged into your site, I can say that I am thrilled with the quality and beauty of the images there. There is no source quite like the Werner Forman Archive.………….James Linnehan, Berkeley City College, USA

Your site is proving an invaluable research tool. Thank you so much……Miki Dennis, Historical Costume Designer

Another great selection............ the images either plug our gaps or provide better quality versions of what we already have.... Angela Davies, Heritage Images Photo Library

Your website is excellent - full of treasures and easy to use....Sue Unstead, Author

I really love Werner Forman Archive. It is great pleasure to see WFA images.... Bruce Lee, Ivary, Korea

The quality of photography easily sets them apart from other material... Julie McMahon, Folio Society

The images are simply fascinating. Please present our great compliments to Mr. Forman..... Rene Fluger, CTK Photobank, Czech Republic