ARTICLES READY FOR PUBLICATION: text (approximately 2000 words) and photographs 

The pictures and text for any of the articles below can be obtained by contacting Werner Forman Archive 

 Cultural Encounters by Barbara Heller, Director, Werner Forman Archive.

                  The role of "the white man" in the countries he visited and the reaction of the people with whom he came in contact as expressed through their art.  

         The Travels of Ibn Battuta by Barbara Heller, Director, Werner Forman Archive

The story of the greatest traveller of medieval times whose journeys took him from Africa to China.  

Egyptian Mosaic Glass Inlays by Christine Insley Green, Antiquities Department, Christies.

The Art of the Totem Pole People by Allen Wardwell

Egyptian Tapestries from the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art School:  The Extraordinary Story of an Experiment in Creativity by Hilary Weir

Fragrance, Aromatheraphy and Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt by Dr. Lise Manniche

Primitive and Oriental Jewellery by Werner Forman

Javanese batik, the Magic, Tradition and Individual Talent by Bedrich Forman



The Jaguar Festival of Mexico by Dr N.J. Saunders

The Cult of the Cat by Dr N.J. Saunders

Aztec Sacrifice by Dr N.J. Saunders

Spirit Voices: The "Half-World" of the Eskimo by Norman Bancroft Hunt

Fighting with Property: Wealth and Status among the Indians of the Pacific Northwest Coast of America by Norman Bancroft Hunt

Pioneer Explorers of the Tipper Missouri: Paul, Herzog von Württermberg and Maximilian, Prince zu Wied by Norman Bancroft Hunt.

Inca Cold and Silver by Dr N.J. Saunders


Languages of African Art - a series of articles which attempt to reveal to the layman the meaning and function of African art. by Dr Duncan Clarke

1. Kings, Leaders and Authority

2. Objects of Pride and Prestige

3. Animals in African Art

4. Women

5. Power Objects

6. Ancestors and the Spirit World

7. Masquerades and Entertainment

8. Secret Societies and Ritual


The Mystic Icons from Tibet